About Us

What we do

ContractKapital is no collateral, contract financing company, helping ugandans, and africans, who win contracts, but lack capital, cashflow, or collateral, to access financing on no collatreal, profit sharing basis. By doing this, we help create jobs, enhance financial inclusion, and create wealth for financial freedom.

Our Mission

To help you find wealth and financial freedom!

Our 5-year Goals

  • Register as private equity fund in uganda

  • List in uganda stock exchange and london stock exchange

  • Open 1,000 commodity wholesale stores across africa

  • Finance contracts worth USD.10 bn

  • Have assets under management worth USD.1 bn by 2024

Our Values

Focus on meeting organisational goals
Determination to stay the course and succed in meeting the strategic organisation goals
Consistency of achieve our strategic business objective
Will to do whatever it takes to achieve our strategic business objectives.

Our strategic Objectives

Brand - build atrack record of contract financing.
Scale - progressively grow capital, customers and cashflow
Return- generate 36% annulised return
Depth - To skill our team with expertise in contract financing
Cost - Maintain fixed costs to below 3% of assets under management
System - innovate , deploy and constantly improve on business process

Our Impact

Job Creation
Financing Inclusion promotion by profit sharing no collateral financing
Diversification of portfolo with new high return alternative investmnet vehicle

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