Africa Diaspora Investment Network


Africa Diaspora Investment Network is an advocacy arm of ContractKapital, to bring 1 out of every 100 African diaspora (1%) in Europe, Americas, and far east, to invest back in the continent by December, 31st, 2020. The African diaspora is encouraged to invest individually, or to open a group/family/friends account with ContractKapital, and invest as a group


There are slightly over 210 million Africans in diaspora, all who descended from sub Saharan Africa, predominantly in the Americas (south America, United States, and Canada), but also in Indian subcontinent, Europe, and Asia. We target only 1 in one hundred to invest back in the continent, that is, only 2,000,000 out of the entire 210 million.

Join & Refer Someone

Help us achieve the target of 2 million Africans investing backhome. Click here to refer someone, a diaspora, to join the network, and invest back in the continent.

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