Our Services

Insurance Agents

We seek to be agents with all of licensed insurance companies, acting as their pipeline of deals so we can have as many Ugandans insured and living safely.

Stock Brokers Agents

We are agents of licensed stock brokerage firms, to help widen the reach of the firms in getting most Ugandans to be part of capital markets, buying and selling stocks, unit trusts, bills and bonds.

Fund Managers Investment Advisory

We have applied for licensing to be the first ever, SME focused, investment advisor and fund manager.

Private Equity Fund

We have the first and only locally capitalized private equity fund, offering local Ugandans, investment clubs, saccos, NGOs, companies, provident funds, pension funds, and individual Ugandans here and abroad the chance to invest in local SMEs, creating jobs, and earning above market returns. PE Funds are not regulated in Uganda, and most jurisdictions, they are for very high risk investors, and you need the advise of your lawyer and accountant before you engage.

Furnished Offices & Apartments

We offer affordable, short term solutions for residential and office spaces, focusing on highly customized, fully furnished, homely, warm, spaces for living and working. We have the most locations of co-working spaces in Kampala, comprising 7 locations, and over 200 furnished residential units.

Condominium Commercial & Residential Units

Do you want to own your own real estate, either for residential, or commercial, either for you to use, or to rent out, as an investment earning you passive income, then, ContractKapital is your partner. We offer the most affordable pricing of condominium units, with the most flexible payment terms, with UGX. 1M only as downpayment.

Farming Joint Ventures

ContractKapital partners with you, to enable you become a farmer, by contributing as little as UGX. 1.5M for an acre of beans or maize, UGX 4M for an acre of sweet bananas and matooke; and UGX. 6M for an acre of avocado. This is a profit share joint venture, where ContractKapital provides land, farm preparation, planting, post-harvest handling, and sales of produce, and the partner can earn indicative returns from 20% p.a., that is, a good option to diversify portfolio to earn double the earnings in capital market investments of stocks, bonds, unit trusts, and money markets (fixed deposits).

Manufacturing & Value Addition

ContractKapital seeks to be a player in manufacturing and value addition, and already produces rolls of tissue paper, as well as engaging in flour milling. We seek to expand operations in manufacturing, including organic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.

ContractKapital Promissory Notes

ContractKapital promissory note is a document in which one party, the lender, lends money to ContractKapital, the borrower, for ContractKapital to use in its business operations. The note includes sum of money borrowed, the interest due to the lender, when it should be paid, and the date of paying back the principal. ContractKapital offers 5% monthly on UGX. promissory notes and 3% monthly on USD promissory notes.

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